Aguila del Norte – Immigration Justice Project

Mission: To work collaboratively with immigrant community leaders, local organizations, faith community, elected officials and law enforcement in the development of dignified and effective ways to end the marginalization of immigrants and their families; provide support and solidarity by advocating for humane immigration reform and enforcement policies. To educate our community about human and civil rights issues and the global economic and political pressures that has forced families to leave their home countries and become economic refugees in the U.S.

The Aguila del Norte Immigrant Justice Project was created in the aftermath of a broadbased community effort called The Coalition for Professional Law and Border Enforcement to expose the racist, anti-immigrant agenda of the Washington Minuteman Civil Defense Corp. and the passage in the U.S. House of Representatives of the “Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005? (H.R. 4437). We realized that as an organization we needed to address the fundamental causes of immigrant bashing and the marginalization of immigrant families in the region. C2C has been the leading voice educating community about the immigrant families in Whatcom County and the value they bring to our economy as well the richness in cultural diversity that could make this a more vibrant and secure place for all of us. The Aguila del Norte Immigrant Justice Project has four areas of work that have been ongoing since 2005:

Melt I.C.E. – Direct Action as needed to respond to civil and human rights abuses such as the ongoing solidarity vigils at the NW Detention Center in Tacoma, as well as local vigils during times of especially violent militaristic I.C.E raids and legal observing.

Living in the I.C.E. Age - Community Education about who we are as immigrants in Whatcom County. We organize educational workshops and presentations such as “Immigration-101 workshops to community groups and raising awareness about the abuses and unjust treatment at the N.W. Detention Center. Our Executive Director is sought after as a panelist and for media interviews on immigration reform. Many of our presentations are led by members of families that have been impacted by detentions and include traditional foods and music seeking to build community and foster friendships.

Defending Democracy – We are engaged with State and National Immigrant Rights groups to ensure that our voices are heard in the halls of Congress as we work towards a just and sane reform to immigration law. We are linked to regional and national groups and work closely with  the Church Council of Greater Seattle and the Rights Working Group. The Immigrant Solidarity Committee was formed in 2008 by community supporters of C2C to build on the progress made and to develop a political strategy for passage of local and regional laws in support of integrating immigrant families in ways that strengthen our community.

Solidarity – We provide humanitarian and administrative services to immigrant families as they struggle through heartbreaking and harsh economic realities in the aftermath of I.C.E. raids and during their legalization process.

To support this program by volunteering or to join the Immigrant Solidarity Committee e-mail us at


National Immigration Forum-ICE response to Secure Communities


A great infographic to understand Secure Communities and how it impacts your community!


Center for American Progress-Immigration Enforcement

Here’s a chance to hear from a panel on the effects of immigration enforcement on children and families.  Click here to watch the discussion-

Featured Panelists:
Joanna Dreby, Assistant Professor of Sociology, the University of Albany

Ajay Chaudry, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Services Policy in the Office of the Assistant Secretart for Planning and Evaluation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Seth Freed Wessler, Investigative Reporter, Applied Research Center

Miriam Yeung, Executive Director, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum

Philip E. Wolgin, Immigration Policy Analyst, Center for American Progress

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