Statements of Solidarity with Familias Unidas por la Justicia!


Statement of support from the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center!

“The Whatcom Peace & Justice Center wishes to convey our support to the striking workers from Sakuma Brothers farms. We shared details of the strike and the workers demands and grievances at the Friday Night Vigil and there was great interest. We will be sharing details and media coverage with our membership over the weekend until the strike has ended and the demands are met. We believe all workers should have access to a fair and living wage for their labor, that adequate sick and recovery time and breaks are essential for a decent workplace, and that workers should be free from intimidation by their supervisors. Solidarity!”

Statement of support from Whatcom Democrats!

“The Whatcom County Democratic Party stands strong with the workers at Sakuma Brothers Berry Farm. We are very concerned that the farmworkers are reporting untenable living conditions and wages far below Washington State minimum wage. We strongly believe that all workers are entitled to a safe work environment, the right to organize, and a fair livable wage. We affirm workers’ right to fair treatment, living wages and collective bargaining. We urge both parties to continue negotiations and hope that the farm and the workers are able to reach a decision that is fair to all.”

Statement of Support from WhyHunger!

“WhyHunger supports the Sakuma Brothers Farms strikers and their courageous fight for dignity.”

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Statement of Support from Community Alliance for Global Justice!

“CAGJ’s Food Justice Project will continue to follow the negotiations as they develop, and to work in solidarity with the Sakuma farmworkers and Community to Community to support the Sakuma Farmworkers struggle for justice. We encourage everyone to learn about and support the valuable work committed to equal rights for those who labor to produce our food. Then, take action to support the invaluable work of local food justice projects, union grocers, locally sourced restaurants, local food processors, urban farms, family farmers, farm workers, food chain workers, and other important parts of the Pacific Northwest and global food system!”

Solidarity Statement from Frente Indígena de Organizaciones Binacionales (FIOB)

“El Frente Indígena de Organizaciones Binacionales, FIOB, que esta
compuesto de individuos y organizaciones indígenas migrantes y no
migrantes de base social en Oaxaca, Baja California y California
enérgicamente saluda y respalda la lucha de los 200 trabajadores del
campo, hermanos y hermanasTriquis y Mixtecos quienes fueron a
huelga la semana pasada en los campos de Burlington en el estado de
Washington para protestar las condiciones de trabajo en Sakuma
Brothers Farm. Y felicitamos sus primeros logros como el que C.
Federico López fue contratado nuevamente después de haber sido
despedido el 10 de Julio, 2013.”


Solidarity from Central Co-op!

“You may have heard about the labor dispute taking place in Skagit Valley, between berry pickers and Sakuma Brothers Farms, that’s been ongoing since this summer. Our Produce manager checked into it, and none of the berries we carry come from this farm, and we’re pretty sure they never have. 

Still, injustice anywhere in our food system reinforces the potential for injustice everywhere. If you’d like to learn more about this particular issue or support the striking farmworkers,Community Alliance for Global Justice has some great background info on the subject and lots of ways to help.